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What is Bidah?  

Tajuddin Shaik
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What is Bidah?

Bidah according to linguistics is all issues newly established. Imām Ash Shāṭibiyyah said: “The expression of bidʿah has as its source whatever has not yet been exemplified”.

Bidah according to Ash Sharīʿat is something which is held to by ‘mankind’, both in words and deeds within religion, and for which there is no explanation for (or as to) its legitimacy from the Messenger of Allāh(SWT) and his companions, which means to carry it out as worship.

Ibnu Taymiyyah, when defining bidʿah said: “Bidʿah is everything that violates the Book of Allāh(SWT), As Sunnah, and the unanimity or concensus (ﺍﺟﻤﺎﻉ - ijmāʿ) of the Salafus Ṣāliḥ both in matters of ʿaqīdah and in matters of ʿibādah, such as the statements of the Khawārij, the Rāfiḍah, the Qadarīyah, the Jahmiyyah, and also those people who worship as well as dance and sing in the mosques”.

Thus, oftentimes As Sunnah means that which opposes bidʿah. For instance, when it is said that ‘so-and-so’ follows the Sunnah, it means that ‘so- and-so’ practices according to whatever came from the Messenger of Allāh(SWT) and his companions y. However, when it is said that ‘so-and-so’ performs bidʿah, it means that ‘so-and-so’ practices that which violates whatever was practiced by the Messenger of Allāh(SWT) and his companions.


Posted : 28/06/2020 4:06 am