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Division of Hadith  

Tajuddin Shaik
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Division of Hadith:

The scholars of aḥādīth have already determined the qaidah (the objectives of) and principles deliberated within every sanad and matn in the acceptance of a ḥadīth. The knowledge which deals with this is the knowledge of the Muṣṭalaḥ of aḥādīth (Classification of Hadith).

The Sunnah that has arrived with us from the Messenger of Allāh(SWT) is seen, in terms of its arrival, as being divided into two, that is, Mutawātir and Aḥād. A mutawātir ḥadīth is a report from the Messenger of Allāh(SWT) which has been delivered simultaneously by trusted people in a manner that would be impossible for them to agree to lie.


Mutawātir aḥādīth possess four requirements:

  • Trustworthy (ﺛﻘﺎﺕ - thiqāt) narrators and understanding of what was reported and with definite
  • Dependency upon submission of something that is concrete, such as: witnessing or hearing
  • The number or amount of them, because of its being impossible according to their custom, to lie, for
  • Their numbers remain are fixed, from the beginning of the sanad, from midway to final sanad, with a minimal of ten narrators to report.


Aḥād aḥādīth are aḥādīth whose ranking is not up to the ranking of mutawātir aḥādīth. Aḥād aḥādīth are divided into three kinds:

  • Aḥādīth Mashhūr, are aḥādīth that are narrated with three sanad.
  • Aḥādīth ʿAzīz, are aḥādīth narrated with two sanad.
  • Aḥādīth Gharīb, are aḥādīth narrated with one sanad.
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